Top 5 Best Currency Exchange APIs For Your Business.

currency exchange APIs

If your company deals with foreign markets, you are aware of the difficulty in maintaining accurate and current knowledge of currencies. It is challenging to consistently have the right currency values because of the swift fluctuations in exchange rates.

Your app may attract users from all around the world. Therefore, to be ready for a variety of currencies, developers must take into account currency conversion, mega-currency pricing, current foreign exchange rates, and Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

What is a Currency Exchange API?

Developers can incorporate a technology called a currency exchange app interface into their applications to enable currency conversion and exchange. They are databases that constantly provide up-to-date information because they use the information gathered from foreign banks.

For instance, this enables the conversion of currencies such as the US Dollar or the Euro into any other currency, such as the British Pound.

The API itself is a piece of code that you add to your application to make the exchange rate tracker accessible. To retrieve both current and past currency data, they enable a wide range of currency kinds and data suppliers.

Currency API

With current and previous foreign exchange conversions in more than 170 currencies, currency API provides a trustworthy currency exchange API. It provides real-time foreign currency quotes and has a robust design that can handle thousands of queries per second with an updates frequency of every 60 seconds.

The API is user-friendly and completely customizable thanks to the developer’s engagement focus. has more features than many APIs combined. with features like achievement overview, custom attributes, and specialized support, as well as team functionality. The dashboard provides a graph to visualize critical metrics, including successful inquiries, surpassed quota, server error.

Additionally, you can always view the total number of requests for the current month right on the dashboard. You may easily upgrade and reduce your plans on


Exchange rates is a real-time, historical, and intraday market data API that provides a simple, open-source REST API access that delivers JSON-formatted stock market data globally. You will receive up-to-date, accurate, and continuous time currency exchange rate information for numbers of different currencies.

exchange API interact with important sources of currency exchange rates that provide precise and up-to-date rates for more than 200 pair. It can handle API calls that range in number from a few to thousands per second thanks to its scalable structure. Additionally, you will have immediate access to numerous precise currency pairs right away.

Currency layer

With Currency Layer, a real-time JSON API for 168 global currencies, you can get accurate exchange rates and currency conversion for your company. It is compatible with any programming language and application and gathers data from banks and commercial sources.

For ease of integration, application compatibility, and optimal utilization, in JSON format. Extra features are also available, including the ability to change the original currency, alter the conversion of the variables, convert specific amounts, access historical data, and more.

Get rapid access to 168 world currencies, rare metals, and 19 years’ worth of historical data. By establishing an HTTPS connection to an API, you may ensure encrypted and secure data transmissions


Fixer is a simple and basic API for historical and current exchange rates. Due to its trustworthy data sources for real-time exchange rates, it is used every day by numerous SMBs, large enterprises, and developers.

For 170 world currencies, it updated the exchange rate information every 60 seconds. The sources are reliable because they come from banks, including the European Central Bank, and companies that supply financial data. 256-bit SSL encryption of the highest quality is used to encrypt your hyperlink to the Fixer API. Additionally, the API’s simple structure, clear code examples, and thorough documentation make it simple to implement the API within 10 minutes.


For your company, use the XE Currency Data API to get internationally dependable exchange rates. Choose from a variety of adaptable packages that suit your needs, and specify the frequency and monthly API request volume you desire.

The rate at XE To preserve accuracy, Blender consults more than 100 international sources, and it finds and constantly filters out inaccuracies.


Businesses intending to use APIs to power their own exchange rates are really just looking for one thing: a cheap charge, given the wide range of online exchange rate vendors and the additional essential fees factored into the calculation. To find the best provider for your business, you must consider all aspects of the available services and choose according to your unique needs.

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