Foreign Exchange Rate, Currency Rate & Free forex API (JSON API)

Elk Layer is a Real-Time Data API Platform in the Forex industry. We provide the lightweight & fast Forex API for the historical foreign exchange rate and currency rate.

Secure & Quick

ELK Layer is guaranteed to provide secure & quick Foreign Exchange Rate & Currency Rate Real-Time data.


Elk Layer API offers you precise information of all foreign exchange rates of the market, where you will get real-time data within a few seconds on your request.


Elk Layer is a user-friendly API that any developer can use easily. Along with this, the users can get access to more than 1000 symbols and indices with the correct results.

Features that help you build

Pairs List

This API will return all available forex pairs list that we have in our database...more detail

  "name""Australian Dollar vs US Dollar",
  "decimal"5, // No of decimals in price
  "points""0.00001", // smallest price unit of currency
  "base""AUD", // Base Currency
  "quote""USD" // Quote Currency
{and more...},
{ //Forex Currency Profile
  "id" : 2090,
  "short_name" : "AUDUSD",
  "name" : "Australian Dollar vs US Dollar",
  "status" : 1,
  "decimals" : 5,
  "points" : "0.00001",
  "base_curr" : "AUD",
  "quote_curr" : "USD",
  "category" : "forex",
  "type" : "major",
  "trading_days" : ["..."],
{and more...},

Forex Pair Details

Get pair profile details such as id, name, decimals, Trading times, bank, country...Get API

Currency Latest Price

Forex latest price API is very useful, you must have to get in touch with the updated price of a currency That's why the latest prices are included in any API...more detail

  "s""GBPAUD", // Symbol
  "o""1.18000", // Open
  "h""1.18038", // High
  "l""1.17972", // Low
  "c""1.18027", // Price/Close, Current price
  "a""1.18038", // Ask
  "b""1.18016", // Bid
  "sp""2.2", // Spread
  "ch""+0.0002", // Change in 1 day candle
  "cp"+0.02%, // Change in percentage
  "v""64124", // Volume
  "t""1596575732", // When update last time Time Unix Format (UTC)
  "tm""2020-08-04 21:15:03", // When update last time (UTC)
  "up""2020-08-04 21:14:30",
and more...},

Why use the Elk Layer API?

Elk Layer is the fastest and easiest stock and currency API. We have developed it with intuitive and clean usability, simple and affordable for all users.

User Friendly

Our API is a user friendly and flexible platform for all tools you use every day and easily can integrate it with your own way.

Access real-time data

Elk Layer API provides you the real-time data so that You can take decisions for your business finance Plans. You can also make research for future reports.

Get historical data

Elk Layer API offers you all the historical data that can be useful for your business and strategies. And This information provides you the insight of market financial crises and currency trends.

Keep Track on Market Data

Elk Layer API gives you access to all currencies accurate data from all around the world. This API is simple and you don’t need to be an expert to use it.

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Elk Layer is firmly committed to providing top-notch support. We are happy to tailor a currency API package to the specific use cases of your business. Forex APIs are helpful in this situation. Elk layer provides traders with a straightforward method for gaining access to all the data they need to make decisions fast and efficiently.

It also gives you with accurate data on all market foreign exchange rates, and you will receive real-time information in response to your request in a matter of seconds.

Have a look around our website and see if there's anything you like, or feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

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